Preparing for the wedding – 5 useful tips

Getting married is a sacrament, a rite. Making a commitment to each other, to God. Sacred action. Provides for some rules and traditions in its conduct. And the age or period of life together is not important, but the desire to tell yourself and the Lord about the intention to live with your mate, sharing with her everything in life’s journey is important. How do you make it right so that your marriage will be consummated in heaven and considered valid there? So, to all who have decided to get married – 5 steps to the sacrament!

1. Choosing a temple. Here it is important to trust your own feelings and intuition. You can walk around your local churches, temples, stopping and listening to your heart, it will tell you that here you really feel good, that in this place your soul is calm. The main thing is not the size or decorations, the main thing is that when you leave you feel some peace and awe before God.

2.Get acquainted with the priest, rector, the one who will perform the sacrament of marriage ceremony. You can come to the service, see how the service is held by the priest you chose. After all, he will be an intermediary between you and God during the ceremony, and that is why you will want to feel in him a kindred soul, a sympathetic and kind person. Sometimes your church can advise you to use the service of your spiritual father who serves in another parish, and the main thing here is that he should not be a monk.

3. Wedding guests. The newlyweds can invite to their wedding ceremony anyone whom they would like to see on their wedding day. The most important thing is that they should be religious people, that they should honor and respect the religious ceremonies and traditions, and behave in a proper way in the temple of God. It happens that the guests may bring their children, so it is necessary to be prepared beforehand, and to warn the guests of the importance of keeping the ceremony quiet and undisturbed.

4. Shooting video and photos in the temple. As a matter of principle, you should definitely ask about taking photos and videos in the church. It might be necessary to ask about the availability of such facilities and the acceptability of such activities in the church. It is important not to interfere with the rite during filming. Sometimes the priest himself can advise how and from what place it is better to shoot, so that there is a better view and the materials turned out beautiful and of high quality.

5. Conclusion. Getting married is not just a ceremony, not just a fashionable or accepted rite. It is first of all the unity of the couple in God, it is the wedding of two souls before the light of heaven and the responsibility before God for their soul mate, for a long and happy life together, which will now depend primarily on you.

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